Forty Winks

Sleep Consultancy



"Diane was extremely helpful and kind to us and our child throughout this process. Her support and knowledge was immense. We have had difficulties with our son's sleeping habits and our lack of consistency since he was born. She performed in an outstanding manner and we would highly recommend her without reservation."

-Maggie, parent to 21-month-old son

"Diane was great ! Very informative and supportive. In two short weeks, our lives changed from no sleep to a full night's sleep. We cannot thank her enough for her guidance and support."



-Chris, parent to three-year-old daughter


"Diane helped my family tremendously! I was able to get an earlier bedtime for my baby and also gain consistency with her nap schedule. Diane was with me throughout the ENTIRE process and I could not have asked for a more supportive or more knowledgable expert-she truly changed our lives for the better!

-Caroline, parent to 14-month-old son

"Diane's guidance helped us to quickly redirect our daughter's difficult sleeping patterns.  She spent time with me to thoroughly understand our family's goals, and built a customized plan for us, catering to my daughter's habits, and personality.  Not only did our issues resolve quickly--the results STUCK.  We can't recommend her enough."

-Katie, parent to three-year-old daughter and four-month-old son