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As parents there’s an expectation that we’ll just know what to do; that instinct and trial and error are all that we need to raise great kids. We have quickly learned, however, that instinct and trial and error will only take you so far and can lead to lots of frustration, resentment, and even worry that we’re just not good enough for the job.  The truth is that with information, thoughtful parenting strategies, and lots and lots of support when we’re tempted to give in or give up, every parent can be the parent they want to be.   Except…when we’re so exhausted that we can’t possibly remember what it is we wanted to do the next time our child climbed on the counter, pulled the dog’s tail, told a tall tale, or just wouldn’t go to sleep!  

Sleep is not just important for children whose healthy brain development and overall wellbeing is dependent upon it.  Sleep is foundational for parents’ too.  It is also one of the first things parents sacrifice when their babies are born.  It’s true that during the early weeks and months of babies’ lives, we too are sleeping like babies, which basically means we’re up every few hours round the clock.  But once babies begin to develop sleep rhythms that are more like ours, parents play a major role in helping little ones get the sleep they need. Some babies and young children naturally fall into healthy patterns.  Many others need their parents to teach them how to do that so that they can be healthy in every way – physically, emotionally, intellectually, and socially.

As a certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant, Diane Weiss offers specialized services for sleepy children, sleepy parents, and sleepy parents-to-be.  Whether you’re looking to avoid some common pitfalls or chart a new course for healthy sleep for all, she is excited to be your guide.

From newborns to school-aged children, help awaits you.  Connect with Diane today to learn how you can give your child healthy sleep habits – the gift of a lifetime.